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After being involved in a car accident, I was referred to Trisha by a friend of mine. I’m so thankful for that referral because Trisha provided me with 100% satisfaction. She communicated with me on the regular, keeping me up to date about EVERY step she was taking in regards to my case. I am so thankful and will be passing the blessing in referring her to others!

- Tiljua

My lawyer Trisha Starks, kept me informed of my case from start to finish and she was able to get me the maximum settlement that I was due. I would recommend anybody that is involved in a serious car accident to give Ms. Starks a call and I guarantee you want be disappointed.

- Eric

This is my second time using Trisha as my personal injury attorney and she will be my go to if I need her in the future. Trisha makes sure she goes ABOVE and BEYOND to get the job done. I love Trisha's willingness to make sure that she communicated with me to let me know what was going on with my sons case as well as mines. Trisha sets the STANDARD and I definitely will be recommending her to others who may need a PI attorney as well.

- Anonymous

Trisha is the best! From the very first day, she explained all the processes involved and gave me the opportunity to ask questions on any issues that wasn't clear to me. she treated like a person/ sister. She kept on communicating up until the final settlement! She got me the maximum settlement and I am extremely satisfied with her service and I highly recommend her service to anyone and all members of my family and friends. Thanks Trisha! I sincerely appreciate you!

- ljay

Communication is the key to success between people. Trisha as my attorney I had absolutely 0 issues with lack of communication. Kept me aware and acknowledged thought the entire 4-6 month process. Phone, email, text you name it. Only problem I had during this case was that I didn't know about her and her firm sooner! I highly recommend going to Trisha Starks. Other Attorneys I personally didn't have a mutual trust feeling with. Trisha is the way to go. You can tell because the way to her office is paved in gold.

- Jordan Young

Trisha is the greatest! She made a way out of no way for me! She had two of my cases and settled one while still working on my second case and i know she will get me whats deserved. On my first case i wasnt suppose to get anything bavk! Trisha worked her magic and got me what i deserved! She also kept in contact through the entire process and reaponded to any questions i had! She is a life saver!

- Pamesha

Trisha is very professional. Throughout the entire process I was kept in the loop of everything. Whenever I had questions she always had an answer. She kept in touch with me frequently and made sure that I agreed and understood everything going on with my case.

- Taquila

I was involved in two accidents while pregnant and Trisha was able to get me two settlements for the full policy amounts..Not only was very professional but she kept in contact with me through out my entire case letting me know every step of the way what was going on.I would definitely refer her to anyone I know involved in a car accident.

- Anonymous

My first meeting with Trish Starks was pleasant and there after! Trish Starks welcome me with open arms. Trish immediately showed concerned with my well being and showed urgency to get me into physically therapy right away. Trish continued to reach out to me on a regular bases; asking me if I had any questions, concerns, how I was feeling; Overall just letting me know shes there for me. Trish Starks followed up with me around the clock. During the process of finalizing my settlement Trish really applied her skills and put her best foot forward; witch resulted in me receiving the best settlement. I was and am, very satisfied with Trish Starks service, and professionalism. I'd recommend Trish Starks! Trish Starks is Amazing!!!

- Crystal

Trisha was my my lawyer on two of my cases. She always kept me informed with everything that was going on never kept me out of the loop with either of my cases.

- Senita Reynolds

I was in an automobile accident... I was left with back and neck injuries, a totaled car, and thousands of dollars in medical bills/rental charges. Mrs. Starks was able to help recover was owed to me. Through-out the process, Mrs. Starks did a great job with communication and just being a listening ear. She would call with any and all updates on my case. I could tell she really cared. ⭐️

- Anonymous

I was impressed on her performance throughout the time of service. I would recommend her in the near future.

- Cameron

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