The Importance of Keeping a Pain Journal After an Accident

What Is a Post-Accident Pain Journal?

This ongoing record should include a detailed description of the accident, including any conditions that contributed to the accident. For instance, if you were hurt in a car crash, you should describe what the other driver did, the road conditions, and any conversations you had with police officers or other people at the scene.

We may advise you to make entries a few times a week. These entries should describe each of your doctor’s appointments, including your diagnosis and the progression of your injuries. Detailing your daily pain symptoms and how they prevent you from taking part in favorite activities can also be instrumental in getting the compensation you deserve.

How It Can Help Build Your Case

The insurance company may try to take advantage of any inconsistencies in your account, so details are important. Writing these experiences down can help them stay fresh in your mind and help you avoid getting confused if you have to provide testimony weeks or even months after the accident. The journal can back up professional statements by medical providers as well.

Detailing how the accident impacts your daily life can also help your accident attorney calculate a fair settlement amount for your pain and suffering. Having contemporaneous descriptions of your experiences and limitations can help convince insurance adjusters or jurors that the accident has affected your life. This can be key to getting the compensation you deserve, especially if you appear physically fine.

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