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Truck Driver

When a truck driver is tired or drowsy, it can result in a collision with serious consequences. If another driver or passenger is injured as a result, they may qualify for damages. However, the  accident attorney must first show beyond a reasonable doubt that fatigue was involved. Here’s a closer look at how they accomplish that goal.


How Fatigue Can Impact a Truck Driver

Working long hours and multiple days in a row is hard on the human body. If it doesn’t get enough rest, it causes mental confusion and slowness. Driving at night can also interfere with the body’s circadian rhythm, resulting in elevated fatigue and decreased alertness. 
Such consequences are the cause of one in every five fatal vehicle crashes in the U.S. For truck drivers, it can cause them to react too slowly to obstacles, struggle to maintain control of the vehicle, or even fall asleep. 

How to Determine It Played a Role

Accident attorneys first look at a driver’s logs. Every professional semi-truck driver is required to track their hours on and off the road. They’re not allowed to drive more than 11 hours consecutively and must take a 10-hour break in between. If these regulations were not adhered to, an attorney can utilize the logs to show that the driver was likely worn-out and tired.

Some drivers know the system well enough to falsify the documentation. In such cases, lawyers turn to other evidence, like pulling the reports from the truck’s computer system, which tracks the movements of the vehicle. Additionally, a review of receipts can evaluate a driver’s movements, while a blood test after the incident can determine if any medications could have caused the fatigue.

Any photographic or video evidence from dashcams or surveillance videos is also valuable. This can help catch signs of fatigue, such as crossing the center or shoulder line and slow reaction times, or can even document the driver drifting off behind the wheel. Witness testimony from other drivers can also help, especially if the case goes to court. 

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