A Guide to Safe Motorcycle Practices

What Motorcycle Safety Gear to Wear

It's essential to always wear a helmet. This safety device is made to absorb most of the impact that comes from falling off the bike and will greatly increase your odds of avoiding traumatic damage to the head. Using one with a face shield will preserve visibility, blocking the wind and keeping insects, gravel, and other airborne objects from getting in your eyes. 

Leather clothing is a valuable option that serves as a protective barrier if the body suddenly comes into contact with the pavement. Sturdy gloves and boots also provide quality cover, allowing your hands and feet to redirect a fall without sustaining injury. 

How to Stay Safe Riding at Night

Avoid driving at night as much as possible. Motorcycles are difficult enough to see during the day, which means their visibility takes a downturn when there’s very little light. 

If you have to ride after dark, apply reflective strips to your clothing. The brightness should be enough to alert other drivers and encourage caution when approaching from either direction.

How to Ride Defensively

It’s not safe to assume that another driver can see you. Before making a turn or changing lanes, hover in the line of sight within one of their side mirrors. Signal well in advance and remain alert until you safely pass the other vehicle. Keeping an eye on the other driver will allow you to swerve out of the way if they unknowingly move into your space. 

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